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Excerpts from-- The Lactation Consultant's Clinical Practice Manual: A practical guide to establishing a lactation practice.

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Who am I?

Always, always - contact your medical provider for information regarding signs of illness in you or your baby.




Can I get personal assistance from you?


Your breastfeeding questions answered by a professional lactation consultant, with more than 25 years of mother-baby experience, and 15 years of Internet lactation consulting. Get the help you and your baby need using the ease of the internet.

However, please remember, I am disabled and occasionally it interferes with my ability to answer e-mail. Each mother baby pair deserves a complete answer so emails do take several hours to compose. At times I am not physically or emotionally able to devote that kind of time (which is why I am retired).

If you need quick answers, contact your local lactation consultant for assistance. Also, if you haven't heard from me within 72 hours, please send another e-mail to remind me.

If you cannot find the answers to your questions in my self help pages, I may be able to assist you via E-mail. Video and VOIP Consultation Available.

Do you charge for consultations?

I do not charge a fee for consultation, but you can make a donation (see below) to me at any time through Pay Pal.


Self Help Pages

Colic -- Over Supply Syndrome
AKA Foremilk Hindmilk Imbalance / Overactive Let Down

Are there Two Kinds of Breastmilk? (Not exactly...)
Do you have too much milk? - - More on Oversupply
I have studied and worked with oversupply syndrome for the past 25+ years. (Speaker information available on request.)

Oversupply Syndrome evaluation form or Download the form in MS Word

Latching on

Infant-led breastfeeding: Help For Latch on Problems  (Rebirthing)

Sometimes, you just need to "lay back", and let the baby take over. Surprise! baby can latch on by himself.

Taking baby off the breast
Cue feeding and Crying
Plugged Duct, Mastitis, o Breast Abscess? What do I have & what can I do?

Is my baby getting enough milk?

Here's a simple scoring system to help you tell how well your newborn is breastfeeding.

L-A-T-C-H-E-S Assessment Tool              L-A-T-C-H-E-S  Score Key

Exclusive pumping IS a viable option for some mothers

If you are pumping for your baby while at work or because baby can't nurse directly at the breast, you should take a look at the pumping moms information and support web site. They also have an e-mail support group at yahoo groups.

I heard you have a nutritional "Cocktail" for increasing milk supply, how do I get it?

Do you want to be a Lactation Consultant?

Glossary of Breastfeeding Terms

Works Cited page

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ALL "Commentaries" are referenced on the works cited page and are the opinions of the author.
You can research any of these topics yourself, by going to: www.medscape.com and selecting "search Medline."

Changing Hospital Routines to Support Breastfeeding: The Role of the Doula

Labor Medication's Effect on Breastfeeding

The Concern Over Epidurals

There is Danger in Self Diagnosis and Self Treatment

Time for Medicine to Change Attitudes

Watch Your Language

Breastfeeding - the Lost Art

The History of Infant Feeding

The Legacy of Scientific Motherhood

Anatomy of the Breast

How the Breast Makes Milk

The Value of Human Milk


WHO growth charts

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Breastfeeding Basics Selections:

The first 4 weeks: Mom

The first 4 weeks: Baby

 Questions after the first 4 weeks 

Family Issues

 Breast Milk Expression

 Storage of EMM (Expressed Mother's Milk)

  Working and Breastfeeding

Starting Bottles

Other Issues: Weaning and Starting solids

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Manuscript Excerpts

The Lactation Consultant's Clinical Practice Manual:
A practical guide to establishing a lactation practice. 1st Ed.

© Marie Davis RN IBCLC

Author's Preface

Editor's Forward

Table of Contents

Sample Protocol: Thrush

Sample protocol: Breast Abscess

A few updated protocols are ready now and included in the copy you will receive. .

Watch here for announcements when revisions are completed

Manual is Available - in electronic format only!

purchase information

If you purchased "The Lactation Consultant's Clinical Practice Manual: A practical guide to establishing a lactation practice,"

Be sure you notify me of any e-mail changes, so I can contact you when updates are available.

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Breastfeeding CEU Course

newly revised April 2013

A CEU offering for doctors and nurses from CME Resource
http://www.NetCE.com  OR (800) 232-4238

*Note: I was paid an honorarium to author this course. I make no additional money from the individual sale of the course. Information is here for reference .

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The average lactation consultation is approximately $100.00 - $175.00 per hr. (USD). Because of my handicap, I can no longer work in the lactation clinic.
My current "practice" is limited to the Internet. I do not charge for consultation. But donations are very welcome.
Because I believe that every breastfeeding couplet is unique and deserves a unique answer, please understand that a single e-mail consultation can take several hours to evaluate and recommend a treatment plan.
If you feel I have helped you, and your baby, please, make a donation through Pay Pal using my e-mail address. Your support is greatly appreciated.

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